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Life Insurance for Parents

The reason parents should purchase life insurance is because it provides financial security in the event of illness or injury. Stay at home parents are actually doing more and more these days. How feasible would it be for them to get a job full time? Not very. It is estimated that in the united states we are underinsured by 2.2 BILLION dollars. In order to maintain the lifestyle of the family in the event of a death by a parent or partner, we need to close this gap.

Burial costs can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. How could someone possibly afford to pay for that expense posthumously? It becomes an unnecessary family burden. This is why you should have life insurance for parents. It provides valuable peace of mind and you don’t have to worry about sending your children off to college or to help pay the mortgage in the event of an untimely demise.

This is a key issue that stay at home parents should consider. Many people tend to undervalue insurance until they need it most, and then it’s too late. These same people are not taking care of their finances either, as they need to seek a financial adviser to help them with these decisions.

I hope that you choose to get life insurance for your parents after reading this article. It’s an extremely important but hard to broach topic I know, as the issue of death is nothing that any of us want to talk about with our parental units. Even though know one knows when their time will come, it will eventually, and you want to know that you’re covered at that time.

Getting life insurance is important for the following reasons:

1. Peace of mind
2. Aids in the United States in covering the Insurance Gap
3. Send your kids to college, and pay your mortgage

Some people say that having life insurance is the best investment vehicle one can obtain. I disagree with this, however I’m sure there are worse things you could do with your money. Like buy Mcdonalds, which slowly kills you.

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